Art from Dance, Gladys, Dance – The Goddess Durga


Excerpt from Dance, Gladys, Dance

“I’m working on a series of drawings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses for a book,” he said. “Do you think you’d like to pose for me?”

“I’m not Hindu.” Brilliant, I thought, ‘yes’ might also have been a good answer.

“It’s the body form I need. The faces will be modelled on ancient drawings. He circled his fingers around my wrist.

I couldn’t think. Visions of Eastern gods flew around in my head. “It’s not the elephant is it? What’s its name?”

“Ganesh? No, I was thinking of Durga,” he said. “The goddess Durga.”

When a man tells you he wants to model a goddess after your body, it’s hard to resist. I didn’t know then that Durga had eight arms.


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