Word Freak

Plasmodium Credit: NIAID

Speaking of specialized dictionaries, here’s a few choice words from them

Nonthreshold Logic: a family of integrated logic circuits that operates at a high speed at relatively low power. (The Penguin Dictionary of Electronics, Penguin Books, 1988)
(My brain on a little sleep and a lot of coffee – high speed but relatively low power)

Ophicleide: an obsolete bass instrument made of metal and having keys
(A New Dictionary of Music, Penguin Books, 1967)

Mundus Intelligibilis: a Platonic realm of Perfect forms or Ideas that serve as the models for the imperfect existences in the sensible world
(Dictionary of Philosophy, Barnes and Noble Books, 1981)

Moabite Stone: A monument commemorating the campaign of the Moabite king Mesha against the Israelite King Omri (835 BC)
(Pocket Dictionary Biblical Studies, InterVarsity Press, 2002)

Sandbagger: In bowling an individual who purposely keeps down his average in order to receive a higher handicap than he deserves (Look, here comes Sandbagger Joe)
(The Complete Sports Dictionary, Scholastic, 1979)

South Sea Bubble: Towards the end of the seventeenth century companies were formed in vast numbers and for quite bizarre purposes, such as importing jackasses from Spain
(The Penguin Dictionary of Commerce, Penguin Books, 1982)

Thief: A thief who carries the heart of a toad about his person will be immune to detection
(Cassell Dictionary of Superstitions, David Pickering, Cassell, 1995)

Thalweg: The line joining the deepest points of a stream channel
(Dictionary of Geological Terms, Anchor Press, 1976)

Plasmodium: the vegetative state of slime-fungi (I think I have this in my fridge)
(The Penguin Dictionary of Biology, Penguin Books, 1977)



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