Cassie Stocks was born in Edmonton, Alberta. She’s been a biker chick, a university student, an actress, and a rich man’s gardener; she’s worked as a waitress, an office clerk, an aircraft cleaner, has raised chickens, and once upon a time, was even the caretaker of a hydroponic pot factory.

In 2002, she was accepted to the Writing With Style Workshop at the Banff Centre, where she received support and encouragement from Sharon Butala and the late Gloria Sawai. Upon her return to Edmonton, she quit her job at a steel fabrication plant and applied to the MacEwan  Bachelor of Applied Communications Degree in Professional Writing Program.

Cassie was a winner in the CBC Alberta Anthology Short Fiction contest and a student writer for the Edmonton Voices portion of the Canadian Authors Series. Her short story “The Painter” aired on CBC Radio One. She completed her Bachelor of Applied Communications in Professional Writing Degree with Distinction from MacEwan University in 2011.

In 2013, Cassie became the first woman in 17 years to be awarded the Leacock Medal for humour writing for her first novel Dance, Gladys, Dance.  The novel was also nominated for a Saskatchewan First Book Award. Cassie has been named one of “Ten Writers to Watch” by CBC Books.

Cassie lives in Eston, SK, with her son Julian.



2 responses to “Bio

  1. Hi Cassie, I just heard you on CBC and the mention of being intimidated while at Banff. I had the same experience! And I was even a writer by right! (well, that’s a bit strong, but I had a degree in journalism….so…I think that qualified a bit as having a “right” to call yourself a “writer.”)

    Anyway! Thought I’d share the link for your reading enjoyment.

    And congrats on your award. I will, of course, be going out to cruise your book!!! I’m so trying not to “buy” books. We have too many at home (over 5,000 last count of my husband’s…which probably means we have 10,000, because he LIES about those things. After 20 years of marriage, I’m on to him, but I was a bit slow…)


    A Fellow Imposter

  2. Cathy Fenwick

    Hi Cassie, excellent presentation today at SWG. I was able to get a copy of Dance Gladys Dance at Chapters, loving it.

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