Dance, Gladys, Dance -The Novel




BEAUTIFUL old phonograph for sale. 78 record player. Excellent condition. Gladys doesn’t dance anymore. She needs the room to bake. Bring offer. Ph. 254-9885.

27-year-old Frieda Zweig is at an impasse. Behind her is a string of failed relationships and half-forgotten ambitions of being a painter; in front of her lies the dreary task of finding a real job and figuring out what “normal” people do with their lives.

Then, a classified ad in the local paper introduces Frieda to Gladys, an elderly woman who long ago gave up on her dreams of being a dancer.

The catch? Gladys is a ghost.

In  Dance, Gladys, Dance, Cassie Stocks tells the uplifting story of a woman whose uncanny connection with a kindred spirit causes her to see her life in a new way—as anything but ordinary. Dance, Gladys, Dance tells the story of women and art with a bit of profanity, bearnaise sauce, death, doilies, ghosts, Goths, men, and missing shoes.

Dance, Gladys, Dance is a witty, affectionate tale—with a supernatural twist—of several women who are coming to grips with the dreams they’ve sacrificed or outright given up, and the changes that they make to their lives to follow their dreams once again.

Look for it in your local bookstore or purchase online.

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7 responses to “Dance, Gladys, Dance -The Novel

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  6. Dawn

    I loved your book. The characters have stayed with me for weeks. And, while I’ve never been to Winnipeg, I feel an affinity for it because of your book. No pressure, but when is the next one coming out? Canada needs more of you! My sister read Gladys first and passed it on to me. Now Im recommending you to all my reader friends.
    Thanks for sharing your talents. Much appreciated.

  7. Thank you, Dawn! Notes like this keep a writer inspired and motivated during long hours at the desk.

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