CoverDance, Gladys, Dance

2013 Winner Leacock Medal Award for Canadian humour writing

Shortlisted  2013 Saskatchewan First Book Award newmedal

Dance, Gladys Dance Review Excerpts

Globe and Mail May 22,2012 Candace Fertile
Creating utterly charismatic characters is Stocks’ greatest strength….The humour and zaniness of Dance, Gladys, Dance is counterpointed beautifully by the problems of the characters.
Connection – reaching out to others – is the ultimate value of this charming and thoughtful novel.

The Indextrious Reader June 27, 2012

…this book satisfies, and entertains, and provokes thought. A perfect book to sit down and discuss with other readers, with all its twists and turns and ideas. This is a fabulous debut — I will be looking out for further novels by Cassie Stocks!

Serendipitous Readings July 19th, 2012

This book is laugh out loud funny, deeply inspirational, and with characters’ quirkiness which will have you glued to the pages wondering what will happen next.

22 responses to “Welcome

  1. Rayna

    Congratulations Cassie,
    You did it! Not as though there was any doubt . My best wishes to you and your loved ones as you mark the official publishing beginning of your very successful public writing career.
    I am so very happy for you, you deserve all the happiness and success in the world for your creative talent and committment to your craft.
    I have been keeping track of your developing success via the web and just wanted you to know me and my family are all celebrating your publishing milestone.
    All my best to you now and in all your future creative endeavors.
    I hope you and your family are all well and healthy and happy, which of course they are for you, not to mention so incredibly proud.
    Don’t worry, no reply necessary.

  2. Ethel McLellan

    Absolutely loved ” Dance, Gladys, Dance”!
    Once I picked it up, nothing else got done! Carry on, I’ll be watching for your next book, while I pass this one around!

  3. Maxine

    Cassie, loved Dance, Gladys, Dance. Couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. So much in one book, humor, food for thought and bizzare happenings. Thank you.
    What’s next??

  4. prayer61

    You always knew what you wanted to be when you grew up, lol, and you just kept doing it. Thank you for being that inspiration that I have often needed in my life. It’s been awesome reading about your successes. Keep shining! and keep writing these amazing books!

  5. Bev Novenski

    I loved Dance Gladys Dance. What an incredible ‘first’ novel. I so look forward to the second, third …………….
    You are very very talented.

  6. Sara Golling

    What a GREAT book! It gave me everything I want from a book, and more. Thank you, and I’ll be watching for more from you.

  7. Having attended your, Cassie’s, ‘reading’ at the Lethbridge ‘Word on the Street’ – and having a chance to ask you some questions about publishing – I bought the book ‘Dance Gladys Dance’ and had you autograph it. That was Sept. 22 – and today I finished reading it in afternoon-sittings (over coffee / teas and snacks) to my wife, Bev – of 45 years. At times those afternoon sessions kept extending! We just didn’t want to stop reading! – but ‘life intruded’ – and so Gladys’ ghost as well as Frieda, Mr. H, Miss Kestle, Norman, Milton, Ginny, Marilyn, and Girl all had to wait to the next day! It was a treat indeed, Cassie! Thanks so much for sharing this! H-Henning Muendel

  8. Colleen

    I just happened to grab your book as I was leaving the library yesterday, and I read it all in one day!!!!! I loved it!!!!! Keep on with your writing–I’ll read anything you write! 🙂 Colleen from Hamilton

  9. Cassie:

    I would like to buy five copies of your book. Can you please send an invoice to Layh & Associates, Box 250, Langenburg, Sk S0A 2A0. Congratulations!


  10. Rob McPhee

    The best book I’ve read in a long time. Truly human. I thought it was great. Loved all your characters. The generations came together to care about each other. Thank you. Rob McPhee. Edmonton

  11. tara

    What fun reading! The simple one liners so fitting to the characters were delightful such as when old Ms Kesstle said – she could have used the front door. I haven’t LOLd for a long time. I didn’t expect the sad ending – it’s not that I was disappointed rather it was sadly authentic and important. (I had to wait weeks to get the book from the library which had a dozen copies and it wasn’t because of slow readers. I’d like to purchase at least one to offer support to your vocation and to pass around to friends. Will be looking forward to more from you.

  12. Janine Reed

    Cassie congratulations on your win!! What an outstanding achievement. I’ve ordered a copy from Amazon and I think they’re still looking for it, it’s been 4 weeks now. I hear it’s fantastic!! Bravo! Janine Ontario

  13. Thank you for the great workshop at 2014 FOW. It was great to meet an honest and down to earth fellow writer (and thx for signing my book)!

  14. Astha

    Hello Cassie,
    I want to start of by congratulating you on your first book Dance, Gladys, Dance!
    I bought the book a couple of weeks ago because I need it in my grade 12 class for an Independent Study Unit (ISU). I really enjoy this book and I cant seem to put it down once I start reading it! So, thank you for creating an excellent book that is so different from the other ones.
    I would like to ask you a few questions because I need to write a short essay on the author of the book-would you please help me by answering the questions?
    1) What influenced (Social or cultural) you to write this book?
    (To be specific, social influences would be something like sexism, technology, war, religion/radicals etc and cultural influences would be movements in art or modernism)
    I read on your website that “music is your favorite tool as a writer,” did music influence you to write Dance, Gladys, Dance? Also, in your biography it says that you worked at several places before applying for a degree in Professional writing; would that be one of the reasons this book was created?

    I truly appreciate your help and it would be great if you could reply as soon as possible (the essay is due in a couple of days!)

    Thank you for an incredible book, I hope to read your second book soon!

  15. Randy Walker

    I laughed and I cried. Please keep writing.

  16. Elizabeth Anderson

    Cassie, I can hardly wait for your next “amazing adventure”! I know it will be a wonderful read 🙂 Liz from Orillia, ON

  17. Morganne

    Hi Cassie,
    I picked up your book at the library and it was FANTASTIC! I loved all of the characters and didn’t want it to end.
    Thank you for writing such a wonderful book. I look forward to reading your next one!

  18. Monica Alyea

    I picked up “Dance Gladys Dance” at my local family owned bookstore. Paid for it. And then I had trouble putting it down! It went everywhere with me in case I had ” just a minute.”
    What great characters – simple, complicated, surprising – including Gladys. Thank you so much for deciding to write. Please keep writing. I thought I’d donate my book to my local library but it’s a tough call. I usually keep the ones I really, really like for that friend or family member who’s struggling to find a really good read… Such fun. Thank you!

  19. Sharon Page

    Just finished Dance Gladys Dance for book club. Thank you for such an enjoyable “read”!

  20. Irene

    Just finished Dance Gladys Dance. It was wonderful. Thank you for the glimpses of
    wisdom and joy!

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